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By | May 17, 2018

You are wondering ( how to change facebook password ) right? You want to change your facebook password to a safer password. Here instructs you to change your facebook password. We show you how to change your facebook password directly on your desktop. Password change is not too complicated. You only need to follow below.

How to change facebook password now

1. Login to your Facebook account at

2. Select the “arrow” at the top right

how to change facebook password 2018

3. Then select the “Settinghow to change facebook password

4. Then select the “Security and Login

5. Select “Edit” in the “Change password

6. Enter your current password in “Current“, then enter the new password “new” and “Re-type new

7. Then select “Save changes

The steps to change the facebook password have been successful. Simply is not it?

Note when changing your facebook password

1. Facebook password can not be too easy to guess. Do not change the password type (abcd, 123456789, date of birth, middle name…)

2. It’s a good idea to set your facebook password to include capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers.

3. Do not let other people know your facebook password.

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